Crafting is the best medicine when you get bored. It is a stress reliever. It is not just that I feel good about it, is also fun to make something with your hands. There is no mistakes in crafting, it is just uniqueness creations. It is shows too that you can do something with your own ideas. Be a creative, it gives life a meaning and happiness.

I organized my pens and colour pens, I do like to collect pens, it is fun and I like it. 


...instead of throwing these boxes, I made them useful for my things that need to be sort out.  I am happy with it.

Tree branch for home decoration

... since I like to decorate and find out things what should I put in my place, I went to a forest. (en liten skog) it is close where I live (I don't live in a countryside)  I took some branches and took at home. I bought those balls at IKEA and the  at Interflora (a closest store where I live), instead of buying branches at the store. I created/found it on my own...  Save   and you can design what you want. It's look cozy at home and I put a lamp too, its ON day and night.  The reason is that I want to see a light in my place everytime I arrive home from work, afraid of these species -->