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Att jobba och studera samtidigt!

Handling your work and your studies at the same it is quiet hard, requires more time management, requires your daily task, good planning and understand the true meaning of time. I feel more extra hard because I don't have family that can help me to make food when I come home. It is not the same in my home country that even you do both, at least you have family and the food is already served. Living here alone means you must do everything. It is life but if we see the good in every situation, everything will works out. Be Thankful for everything we have!
I can't say that it is easy but I can proudly say that I have a good life living here abroad. He make sure that I have a good life like he has, he is there always from my living calculator, my living Google map, my living dictionary, my living Google translator (in Swedish), he is there to explain so that I can understand, he is the reason too why I learned Funds (Stock Exchange) how to save money, he is giving me opportunities to see other countries and learned other cultures and so on...(countless reasons) ......
it helps me a lot of having him always.

Tack för allt CL! ♥♥♥

"Du är en regnbåge som ger färg i mitt liv"


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